Friday, 3 December 2010

Creative ABCs

The guys at Share Some Candy did a great job of collecting amazing and creative alphabets in one place. Here are some of my own favourites, but there are actually 41 of them

such a visual treat...just beautiful. I'm loving the L!   
by Stuart Whitton

  this is what really means 'seeing things from a different angle'!
                         by The Butler Bros

                      trucks don't seem so bothersome anymore! 
                       by Eric Tabuchi

             soft shapes and colours are good enough to bite...
                       these pebbles! 
                    by  Clotilde Olyff

      tthis would actually make an awesome print and gift for 
     the husbands...somehow they all LOVE GoogleEarth? 
                         by Nelde

     this should be photographers' favourite...amazingly precise!
                                                 by Lisa Rienermann

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