Friday, 14 December 2012


Wonderful news! Not only that Santa really exists, but he is obviously an amazingly creative type who really knows how to make you happy!

I cannot express in words how happy I was when I saw that my 'Secret Santa' (via Etsy Greek Street Team) was Eleanna from ZDROP who made me these GORGEOUS earrings. Triple happiness!!

Thank you so much Eleanna. Your creativeness and exquisite craftsmanship really brought JOY to someone this year :)


Eleanna,... I mean - Santa, made this wonderful card too - hand printed with a potato stamp! - and I love it so much that it found a perfect place on the wall right above my I can watch it all the time! And it really fits perfectly, doesn't it??

If being nice and good means getting gorgeous and special things like these...guys, I'm definitely turning into a saint!


  1. Wow! I am blushing Maya! I am honestly so glad you liked them! And so honored my card is displayed in your home! I loved the photos! I hope you ll enjoy! I am certainly sharing this!:))

  2. what a lovely way to show your appreciation!! well done Maya!


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