Wednesday, 4 May 2011


While browsing Pinterest yesterday,with the summer mood turned on, I came upon some cute images of starfishes, and they made me smile instantly. 
So I decided to browse some more and oh my, so many cute things out there inspired by starfishes! 
I think we all find starfishes irresistible because they have this special power of waking up the inner child in all of us and those never forgotten, careless holidays at the sea shore, gentle breezes and soft sounds of the waves.
Today goes for them... ladies and gentlemen, his Majesty the Starfish!

          images via sunsurfer

starfish cookie, silver earrings, headboard, pincushions, decorative pillow, cupcakes

starfishes in the hair, Tiffany neckless,tags from etsy,starfish cookies, set of 15 starfishes


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